Management Team

Leadership team

Rajeev Singh
CEO / Managing Director

Dirk Schuldt
COO / Executive Board


Administration & Finance

Andre Burkhardt
Head of Controlling

Andrea Zahradnik
Executive Assistant to the CEO


Marketing & Sales

Thomas Weingartner
Head of Internal Sales

Friedrich Hinte
Senior Sales Manager

Raimo Reincke
Senior Sales Manager

Uwe Glas
Senior Sales Manager

Christine Hoeninger
Senior Sales Manager

Christine Ruppenthal
Senior Sales Manager

Martina Laubscher
Senior Sales Manager

Wilhelm Wille
Senior Sales Manager

Ralf Lorenz
Head of Customer Service



Amra Ikanovic
Purchasing Manager

Sara Weber
Purchasing Manager

Production and R & D

Mario BraunĀ 
Senior Production Manager, Kappelrodeck

Haris Ikanovic
Production Manager, Kappelrodeck

Christopher Machut
Production Manager, Kappelrodeck

Hartmut Schneider
Senior Production Manager, Titisee-Neustadt

Martin van Bracht
Production Manager, Titisee-Neustadt

Sascha Fassbender
Senior Production Manager, Bad Duerkheim

Stefan Oettinger
Production Manager, Bad Duerkheim

Ralf Waltersbacher
Head of Production Planning

Albert Sester
Senior R & D Manager


Power Plant

Thomas Kimmig
Senior Powerplant Manager


Quality Management

Frank Schoeffler
Quality Manager, Kappelrodeck

Kristina Marr
Quality Manager, Titisee-Neustadt

Sven Krieger
Quality Manager, Bad Duerkheim


Operations Management & Logistics

Tobias Maurath
Senior Manager, Mechanical Engineering

Ewald Wild
Senior Manager, Electrical Engineering

Thomas Hermann
Senior Logistics Manager

Thomas Pitschi
Senior Logistics Manager, Bad Duerkheim